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Notice to Move

Ok, so there’s a little bit of shameless self-publication in this post.  A little.

I might have mentioned a while ago about being interviewed for a brand new podcast.  Jo Milmine (multi award winning podcaster, creator of Shinybees, the Golden Skein, Shiny’s Hive and all-round lovely person) has started a new podcast for military spouses, veterans or serving entrepreneurs (and is it just me that finds that word very difficult to spell?  Thank goodness for spell check is all I can say…).

I listened to Episode 2 this morning whilst I was trying to do about 400 things in the space of a couple of hours and feeling really time pressured and just generally a bit blah.  (Because we all have those days, don’t we.  Don’t we?!)  The podcast really lifted my mood.  It struck just the right cord between being informative, but light hearted and entertaining.  It also made me feel a bit (can’t think of a better word here) smug when Jo was talking about creating work space at home and I was thinking ha, I have a whole room for work in the new house.  (Which I still haven’t seen, so this could be considerably less impressive than I’m thinking, but I think I can roll with it).  The episode was about working from home and some top tips that had come out of the interview on Episode 1 with Chloe Horwill-Hunter. I loved the format of picking up some of the things from the interview and having a discussion.  And my Episode came out today!  So, if you want to have a listen, here’s the link:

Notice to Move

I enjoyed doing the interview as it made me consider things, which is always a worthwhile amount of time in my view!  I was also reminded of that last week when I interviewed Beky Hugill for the blog.  Beky is right in the middle of career transition and we discussed some of the things that led to her deciding to career change.  It was a great interview and I’m really excited to publish the profile.  Keep an eye out for it this Sunday!

In the meantime, happy venturing xx!