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Home working

So you know those days where the boss brings in chocolates and then you feel obliged to eat them?  That’s me today.  Except I am the boss.  And I work on my own at the moment…. hmmm, no excuses then!

I’ve been home working (setting up my business – or beginning to) for a couple of weeks now and thought it was a great time to look at what I’ve learnt.

First, I need to continue to be organised.  I am using Asana (but sadly, still have not experienced the flying unicorns) for project management and planning out my tasks.  I’m still using my fantastic planner to keep my yearly goals in mind and make sure I’m working towards them.

But I also 13240602_10154332983686091_4892614794259533139_nneed to be organised about things like, well lunch.  Some days I’ve actually remembered to eat and it’s been great.  It’s much nicer than a packed lunch and it’s nice to stop and do some reading.  My problem is when I’m so involved in what I’m doing (patchwork cushions, for example) then I just don’t want to stop.  My solution to this is going to be marking on a clock a lunch hour.  Otherwise I know there will be days where I just won’t stop.  And then when I do, I will just eat rubbish!

I’m loving being able to schedule what I am doing, and having the ability to decide exactly what I’m working on.  The challenge for me is, as always, being realistic about what I can actually achieve in one day.  I also really (really!) need a break.  And I need to schedule that in so that I don’t hit a massive wall a couple of months down the line.  I read a great quote the other day about you can’t draw from an empty well, which really resonates with me.  I need to get some energy back, ahead of the official launch date!  So this week, I’m taking it easy (which has worked out well as I’ve been under the weather) and the difference I am finding in my creativity levels has been amazing. I have had so many new ideas which makes me think that this was definitely the right time to take a break.

Taking a break doesn’t really mean that I’m not doing006 anything at all and today has been quite productive, so I decided to treat myself to
some chocolate.  My local shop had a box of Roses for £2.  Well, I couldn’t leave them there at
that price, could I?  However, with no colleagues to share them with…..  Let’s just say it’s a good job I’m training for a triathlon!  But at least it gave me a good excuse to check in with you guys and show off my latest office decoration (how could you not love my terrarium?)  If you like it, check out NewDreamWorld at Easy.  I love it.  And that’s the last thing I’ll say for now about home working.  The decor is much nicer!

How about you guys?  How do you find home working?  Any great tips to keep on the straight and narrow?  I’d love to know.  Until then, happy venturing x x



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